About Us

Since 1996 Creditcall Ltd. has been developed innovative card transaction processing systems, recognized globally as one of the foremost provider of cashless, contactless and mobile payment solutions. The unique combination of skills and 30+ years of experience within the company has enabled us to integrate banking standards compliance, leading-edge data communications techniques and advanced software engineering. Please visit the Creditcall website for more details.

The Fast Track to EMV Certification while Minimizing Cost and Risk

Our Level 1 Library and Level 2 Kernels are uniquely versatile transaction software modules designed for terminal manufacturers and systems integrators enabling them to add EMV functionality to their card acceptance and payment devices.

Creditcall's EMV software has been licensed to companies throughout the world for applications as diverse as PINpads, card readers, ATMs, payment terminals, parking meters, self service kiosks and mobile phones.

At a Glance

1. Expertise            Acknowledged industry experts with 30+ years of collective experience, who understand the finest details of the exacting EMV standards.
2. Speed Fast track route to EMV certification and compliance thanks to reduced development cycles of up to 18 months.
3. Freedom Independence from expensive manufactuer lock-in support contracts.
3. Flexibility With numerous operating systems and processors in use, one Kernel cannot fit all. We provide a range of EMV Level 1 and EMV Level 2 Kernels to match your terminal architecture.
4. Certainty By using the same test tools as the EMVCo certification laboratories, our Kernels pass EMVCo certification testing first time, everytime.
5. Track Record 200+ first time passes with EMVCo certification ensures your project is in safe hands.
6. Support Comprehensive presales, technical and sales support, form concept to final certification.
7. Global Worldwide Kernel deployment - from Europe to North and South America, Russia, Asia and Africa.

Specialist Payment Processing Services

In addition to Kernel development, Creditcall is a world renowned Payment Gateway processing card transactions in many geographies from North America to Europe. As a full service Payment Gateway we process all transaction types from EMV and Contactless to MOTO/CNP to E-commerce transactions.

To provide the most resilient card processing platform, Creditcall has built its own global processing network based on four nodes in two continents for maximum global availability and the lowest transaction latency. This ultra high reliability network is currently processing hundred of millions of transactions a year for demanding organizations across the United States, Canada and Europe.

For further details on payment processing please visit the main Creditcall website.

Have Questions about EMV Level 1 and Level 2 Software?

Please get in touch to discuss any questions you may have in regards to EMV Kernel technology.