Global EMV Adoption Continues to Grow

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The adoption of the EMV technology worldwide continues to grow with 42 percent of all payment cards and almost 76 percent of all terminals in use globally now based on the EMV payment standard.

The EMVCo published EMV deployment figures for Q3 2011 represent the latest statistics from American Express, JCB, MasterCard and Visa, as reported by their member financial institutions globally. More than 1.3 billion EMV cards and over 20 million EMV terminals are now in circulation.

Source: EMVCo EMV deployment figures Q3 2011

The statistics do not include data from the United States which currently uses magnetic stripe and signature for payment authorisation. This will soon change as Visa and MasterCard have now published their own guidelines for migration from magnetic stripe to EMV technology in the US.

Source: EMVCo EMV deployment figures Q3 2011

EMVCo are set to see another boost of its standard once the US have deployed the more secure and fraud-resistant EMV payment standard.


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