EMVCo reveals continuous growth in global EMV deployment

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The latest figures released by EMVCo, the EMV® standards body, show that 45 per cent of all payment cards and 76 per cent of all payment terminals used globally are based on EMV technology.

The data from EMVCo represents the latest statistics from American Express, JCB, MasterCard and Visa, as reported by their respective global financial institutions.

The new EMV deployment figures demonstrate an increased take up of EMV technology, with over 1.5 billion EMV payment cards in circulation and 21.9 million EMV terminals active worldwide. This is an increase of 25 percent in payment cards in circulation and 18 percent in active terminals in 12 months.

EMV Deployment Figures

Source: EMVCo deployment figures Q4 2011


Patricia Partelow, current Chair of the EMVCo Executive Committee, comments:

“The implementation of EMV technology enables the industry to create a truly interoperable chip-based consumer payment infrastructure. EMVCo works with industry stakeholders to continually advance the standard to ensure it supports the needs of the global payments marketplace and a common, robust technology platform is created, which supports contact, contactless and mobile interfaces for both online and offline payments.”

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