Release of EMVCo Level 2 4.2b Spec.

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The much anticipated release of the latest EMV Level 2 test specification happened on the 5th February, and already CreditCall is working through the documents to identify changes that need to be made to its widely certified EMV software Kernel.

In addition to the test case updates to validate the implementations of all the EMV specification update bulletins that have been published during the past year, test cases are now also provided for American Express. This is the first EMVCo Level 2 test plan released since they joined MasterCard, Visa and JCB as EMVCo’s fourth member last year.

With over 100,000 users of the Kernel in Europe alone, and with customers in most regions of the world where Chip and PIN is mandated, CreditCall expects to be certifying new integration of its EmvX, EmvJ and EMV.LIB as soon as March 2010.

Link to EmvCo Bulletins

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