EMV Approval Expiry

Posted on: December 3rd, 2009 by level_admin No Comments

This year, for the first time, EMVCo have implemented a policy of revoking all EMV Level 2 letters of approval that are more than 3 years old. Although EMVCo offer the option to renew an existing EMV Kernel approval by submitting it for retesting, the fact that they regularly issue specification update bulletins effectively means that this option is not possible. Therefore, any EMV Level 2 Kernels greater than 3 years old can no longer claim to be EMV-compliant, which is a problem when trying to market and deploy new terminals.

It is of course possible to update an existing EMV solution to meet the latest specifications, but the sheer volume of specification changes means that this is a significant task. A better approach therefore, is to migrate to an EMV Kernel that is compliant with the latest EMV standards, such as the CreditCall EMV Kernels. Check out for further details of these EMV Level 2 Kernels.

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